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The Way Of Will Knows The Way

The Way Of Will Knows The Way

Way Of Will is a natural essential oil body care system for active lifestyles. Elevate your training experience in and out of the gym. Oil is a symbol of purity, power and brotherhood. Historically used in rituals of cleansing and protection, oil is the substance we use to start and end our days with a clean slate.

Aromatherapy is the use of natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to promote healthy outcomes. Way Of Will formulas are professionally designed using modern aromatherapy techniques to elevate your wellness routine, both in and out of the gym.

Way of Will enhances your rituals by blending essential oils that protect, energize, refresh, relax, moisturize and groom the body and mind. There are two ways your body receives the benefits of our essential oils:

#1 Repeat skin absorption of natural and functional ingredients

#2 Consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents

Way Of Will strips down each essential oil blend to the bare essentials: only ingredients that serve a practical purpose are used. You can rest assured knowing that only use the best ingredients are used in their formulas. All Way Of Will products are created with 100% pure grade essential oils; no artificial coloring; no residue; no overpowering lingering scents; and as you would expect they are cruelty free.

All of Way Of Will’s essential oils are extracted from specific flowers, barks, stems, leaves, roots, fruits, plants and resins.

Founder Willie Tsang was inspired to create Way Of Will when his dad was very ill and stayed in the hospital for eight months. Cancerous cells spread to his brain, which caused him to be confused and unable to recognize a lot of things around him.

"I first experienced the power of aromatherapy with my father," according to Willie. "My father was ill and mostly unresponsive during the last months of his life. His strongest signs of awareness were always tied to his sense of smell. I started to learn more about aromatherapy at this time. After he passed away, I combined my new interest in aromatherapy and my existing interest in living an active, motivated and healthy life by creating Way Of Will."

Developing a line of functional products based on natural ingredients and the power of essential oils and aromatherapy became Willie’s obsession, and the Way Of Will brand was born.

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