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GilletteLabs Heated Razor

The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs delivers a sustained heat sensation via an innovative warming bar and provides the pleasure of a hot towel with every stroke that lasts throughout the entire shave. This happens with a push of the button and the warming bars heats up within a second and has 2 temperature settings to suit different heat preferences. The Stainless Steel Warming Bar distributes heat quickly and evenly, instantly providing soothing warmth to the skin. Advanced Five Blades Technology provide incredible comfort, leveraging Gillette's most advanced thinnest and finest blades. Flexdisc Technology contours to the user's facial features and conquers the curves to ensure contact with the warming bar on every stroke. The Heated Razor is also 100% waterproof, allowing users to shave based on their preference - in the shower or at the sink.
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