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catwalkchemist: I come in peace

I'm the Catwalk Chemist, a chemical engineering graduate who is a fanatic about all things fashion and science. My aim is to discover something new everyday and share this wealth of knowledge.

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I come in peace

May 15, 2020

I am massive believer in crystals and so I try to incorporate them into my life everyday. That's why I'm loving the Archangel Chamuel Ring by Vanessa Baba jewelry as I am able to find peace and love without lifting a finger (barely!). This gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring is made from Clear Quartz which is best known for keeping the body healthy and clearing all chakras. I certainly have felt more calm and centred from ma head to-ma-toes and I have no doubt you will too.

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catwalkchemist: I come in peace

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