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Smyrna Collection

A luxury Los Angeles based textiles brand that seamlessly combines classic California bohemian with a touch of Turkey. Established in 2012, their versatile range of home goods is designed to take you from the bath, to the beach, and back home again with products made using textiles from a place known throughout the world for their premium quality cottons. All pieces are all individually hand-loomed using ancient techniques specific to the skilled artisans of Turkey’s Aigean region. Each of the collection’s fair trade products is made with only the finest quality eco-friendly cottons, 100% hand-loomed and made with love.
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Chalcedony Turkish Towels Smyrna Collection
From $18.00
1046325-1,1046322-1,1046324-1 1046325-1,1046322-1,1046324-1
Yucca Turkish Towel Smyrna Collection
1046317-1,1046315-1,1046316-1,1046319-1,1046318-1 1046317-1,1046315-1,1046316-1,1046319-1,1046318-1
Yosemite Turkish Towel Smyrna Collection
1046310-1,1046311-1,1046312-1,1046314-1 1046310-1,1046311-1,1046312-1,1046314-1
Waffle Terry Lined Towel Smyrna Collection
From $22.00
1046287-1,1046289-1,1046303-1,1046305-1,1046285-1,1046293-1,1046291-1,1046297-1,1046299-1,1046308-1,1046309-1,1046295-1,1046302-1,1046301-1 1046287-1,1046289-1,1046303-1,1046305-1,1046285-1,1046293-1,1046291-1,1046297-1,1046299-1,1046308-1,1046309-1,1046295-1,1046302-1,1046301-1
Treasure Basic Turkish Towel Smyrna Collection
From $17.00
1046276-1,1046279-1 1046276-1,1046279-1Sold Out
Sultan Cotton Throw Smyrna Collection
1046270-1,1046274-1,1046272-1 1046270-1,1046274-1,1046272-1Sold Out
Stone Washed Cozy Throw Smyrna Collection
1046262-1,1046266-1,1046268-1,1046264-1 1046262-1,1046266-1,1046268-1,1046264-1Sold Out
Spirit Turkish Towel Smyrna Collection
1046259-1,1046257-1 1046259-1,1046257-1Sold Out
Salton Turkish Towels Smyrna Collection
1046254-1,1046251-1 1046254-1,1046251-1
Point Reyes Turkish Towel Smyrna Collection
1046232-1,1046236-1,1046234-1,1046230-1,1046243-1,1046249-1,1046245-1,1046239-1 1046232-1,1046236-1,1046234-1,1046230-1,1046243-1,1046249-1,1046245-1,1046239-1
Pebbles Plush Terry Towel Smyrna Collection
From $22.00
1046228-1,1046226-1,1046223-1 1046228-1,1046226-1,1046223-1Sold Out
Ocean Peshtemal Smyrna Collection
From $19.00