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Spex of Time

Spex of Time examines thousands of vintage eyewear pieces from around the world to select the most exclusive especially for you. Many of their products are vintage pieces, repaired and restored, some being handmade using authentic elements reflective of the time. Others are new vintage-mod pieces that they believe are must-haves for their customers. The brand desires to give back and raise awareness about key issues that affect our community and loved ones, which is often reflected in the branding of their featured collections.
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U.N.I.T.Y. Smoke Spex of Time
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Tiny Toots Spex of Time
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Tasty Pink Spex of Time
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Tasty Green Spex of Time
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Swotter RX Spex of Time
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Rozay Jr. - Kids Spex of Time
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Pink Tooty Spex of Time
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Panamera Gold Spex of Time
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Pablo Praline Spex of Time
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Omari Tortoise Spex of Time
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Notorious Spex of Time
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Letta Brown Spex of Time