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Zuo Modern

Established in 2005, Zuo Modern is the product of two entrepreneurial friends, Luis Ruesga and Steve Poon, who shared a vision of building a successful modern furniture company together that was beautiful, accessible, and fun! With an eye on high-design and fashion, their upbeat, modern collection has evolved into a lifestyle brand that includes inspired furniture for every room in your home, as well as a gorgeous collection of outdoor furniture, lighting and mirrors. The overall aesthetic is pure in form and includes an eclectic mix of mid-century modern, contemporary, and industrial chic
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$180.00 $270.00
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Web Wall Organizer Zuo Modern
$108.00 $162.00
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Waves Round Mirror Zuo Modern
$426.00 $639.00
1051383-1 On Sale
Wari Wall Decor Zuo Modern
$94.00 $141.00
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Wall Organizer Zuo Modern
$84.00 $126.00
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Wall of Thought Zuo Modern
$464.00 $696.00
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$38.00 $57.00
1051546-1 1051546-1On Sale
Volare Canvas Zuo Modern
$154.00 $231.00
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Veo Shelf Zuo Modern
$236.00 $354.00
725831-1 725831-1On Sale
Uno Mirror Zuo Modern
$140.00 $210.00
1051648-1 1051648-1On Sale
Tribal Mask Zuo Modern
$62.00 $93.00