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"Social Justice Kit" A_Dress The World

During these times when the world is forever changing we were forced, by absolute necessity, to adjust our position.

While we have always been community based and driven, now is the time for us to A_Dress the World.

The purpose of this campaign is to A_Dress the World with a positive massage, and to support the movement and healing in safe and positive ways. 

Our goal at THREAD HAUS is to use our influence and platform to 
A_dress the social, political, economic, and human causes that affect the world.

People really know us for our signature #crewcap, and we have now turned our attention to making products that support a message for change through positive actions.

We are launching these products exclusively through and a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these products will be donated to BLACK LIVES MATTER Global Network
Driver's Mask + Crew Band + Flight Pouch with a series of T-shirts promoting positive change, peaceful protest, safety and unity.

Images for the next T-shirt design should be available on Friday...

Driver Mask

Crew Band
Is the new edition to Thread Haus
Reversible headband snaps on each side, with adjustable strap 

Flight Pouch - Need a description for this product

The Mask Emoji - This Emoji, with the mask covering the nose and mouth, represents the need to protect ourselves and others from the virus as well as from systemic oppression. The time for living in fear and being silenced must come to an end. We must all stand up and use our collective voices to be heard loud and clear! 
#BLM #Blacklivesmatter 

Know where you come from and use this knowledge to help guide your positive contributions to the cause.

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