This Racerback helps you keep your temperature down while working up a sweat. Its secret? ActiCool.

ActiCool is a proprietary fabric designed to battle heat conditions for any occasion: work, leisure, or fitness. Super comfortable and soft to the touch, ActiCool keeps you cool as everything around you heats up. ActiCool is not a finish, a gel, or three ply fabric. ActiCool’s technology is the yarn itself. All the properties are inherent in the yarn, so they won’t wash out. By using a proprietary blend of hydrophilic fibers, this multilayered yarn pulls the moisture/humidity away from the skin and into the yarn itself. ActiCool moves the moisture through the complex number of channels within the yarn structure, before evaporating.


Additional Details:

  • Reduces Core Temp By Up To 3 Degrees 
  • No Added Chemicals 
  • Fabric Activates On Contact 
  • Light And Soft To The Touch



  • 100% Polyester


Care & Use:

  • Machine Wash

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