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Callus Softening Kit - 10 Minutes to Perfect Heels

The Callus Softening Kit contains an active callus remover, a PH neutralizer and all the tools to remove the dead skin cells from the heel. In your box, there are enough treatments for up to 10 applications. A guarantee to keep your heels perfect for a year. The tonic is a keratolytic alkaline solution that softens the protein bonds, making it easier for dead skin cells to be removed from the heels. It works only on the outer layer of the heel and softens the cornea stratum. It is the ideal product to apply to very dry and cracked heels. The Kit is was designed for home use to maintain ultimate results for very compromised and dry heels. Not to be used on bleeding cracks. Safe for Pregnant or Diabetic clients. Directions: See instructions on the outer packaging for application directions.

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