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CO2LIFT Beauty Cleansing Tablet

This All-in-1 Beauty cleansing Tablet is surprisingly powerful yet gentle. Using the same Carboxy Therapy Technology found in our products, It effectively cleanses skin of all surface oils, removes makeup, unclogs pores and refreshes skin while restoring it back to proper ph levels - all without the need to add a toner. Tablets are gentle enough to use morning and night as part of your daily regimen, and will always leave skin perfectly clean, hydrated and refreshed without over-drying. Best of all, this can also be used to clean your hair and soothe your body!


Care & Use:

  • FACE* Works as a cleanser to removes surface oils, makeup, unclogs pores and leaves skin feeling radiant.
  • HAIR* Rinsing hair and scalp with CO2LIFT Beauty Cleansing Tablet cleansing water eliminates pore clogging dirt and grease. Scalp is revitalized, and natural shine is revealed.
  • BODY* Reduces muscle soreness.

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