5 Min Skincare Routine


What is This: 

Our powerful 5 min skincare routine includes a full suite of our natural skincare products – our Green Tea Infused Moisturizer, our Bio-Design Facial Cleanser, and our SugarCane Detox Scrub. With these three powerful formulas, you can feel confident knowing that your face will look and feel cleaner than ever before.

This comprehensive skincare routine includes:

What Makes it Amazing : 

  • A pH-balanced daily natural cleanser that won’t leave your skin irritated or feeling tight  
  • It turns out, Bamboo Crystals is an even better exfoliator than plastic beads—better for your face and better for the planet.
  • Our unique formula, enriched with green tea and hyaluronic acid, absorbs quickly, hydrating skin without leaving it feeling greasy. 
  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • Suitable for all skin types 

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