Tempaper Kids Magical Garden Pink Self-Adhesive, Removable Borders + Stripes

Ignite a child's imagination with this fantastical fauna and flora scene complete with magical fairies, bright colors and beautiful garden elements. When stacking this border, slightly shift stripe left or right to avoid repetition of elements in the same position on each row. The Tempaper Kids Borders + Stripes collection brings a new dimension of color and interest to kids' rooms and is a convenient, dynamic alternative to painting, hanging decals or wallpapering an entire room.


Additional Details:

  • The borders can be stacked to create a thicker stripe or evenly spaced to create a customized look.
  • Borders are very user-friendly and an easy way to add a playful dash of color and design to kids' favorite spaces.
  • Select designs can be applied horizontally or vertically.

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