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alyssarisley: Snow Globe

I'm Alyssa! I'm a Fashion Photographer & Creative Content Strategist! I bring together Influencers & Brands around the globe to create Impactful Campaigns and Marketing Strategies <3

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Snow Globe

Dec 27, 2019

There's something so beautiful about capturing the calm within the chaos of a storm... Like when we put this shoot together: The goal was to capture the essence of these winter coats in the middle of Miami, sunny and 70 degrees, with only 30 mins before our team had to be at the airport to catch their flights! But you know what? We captured it. Mood 'n all. Sprinkle a little bit of snow in Photoshop... Viola! The energy of a group of inspiring & talented creatives can literally change the world.

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alyssarisley: Snow Globe

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