DONNI: The Story Behind the Brand

DONNI: The Story Behind the Brand

Fueled by #GIRLPOWER and #LOVE, DONNI is a rising household brand for accessorizers and fashionistas across the globe. With products across 35 states and 5 countries, DONNI is making an impact on fashion culture and charity by creating quality pieces that also fund donations to better the world surrounding us. The story of how this brand became so charitable is a story that we here at Souler love, and we think you will too!

Founder and designer, Alyssa Wasko started DONNI back in 2009 when she was a college student attending University of Arizona. Alyssa started making scarves as a way to cope with the death of her father, Donald. What started off as a simple coping mechanism turned into a full-fledged company for then college girl, Alyssa Wasko. Alyssa instantly knew that she had to name her newfound company after her father, who considered her his good-luck charm. So, of course, Alyssa named the company DONNI, in honor of her beloved father, Donald. To make sure that her father’s legacy is remembered, each DONNI piece features an angel wing in honor of Alyssa’s dad. We know... it doesn’t get more heartwarming than that, right?

Outside of the inspiration for DONNI’s name, the company frequently gives back to its community. DONNI was able to grow into a business because of its founder's involvement in the Campus Reps Program at the University of Arizona. Alyssa Wasko has since felt a need to give the same opportunities that were given to her as a small business owner to other college women as well. So, she created the DONNI Campus Reps Program. DONNI Campus Reps gives responsible young women who have an interest in fashion and philanthropy, the chance to work with the DONNI brand while being extremely involved in all aspects of the company. However, the DONNI Campus Reps Program isn’t the only form of giving back that this amazing company practices. DONNI has partnered with over 60 non-profits to help benefit the world around us. Actually, this coming spring/summer season, DONNI will be donating portions of their sales to Let Girls Learn. A charity started by former first lady Michelle Obama that focuses on giving adolescent girls an equal and proper education, in order to help young women reach their full potential. Now that’s some, #GIRLPOWER!

Speaking of #GIRLPOWER, that’s really the overall goal of the DONNI brand. DONNI pieces are made in Los Angeles by women who are seeking to bring soul to customers within every piece. And we here at Souler LOVE that...seeing that we are all about bringing soul to our consumers as well! DONNI pieces effortlessly tie together outfits because of their unlimited versatility.

The women at DONNI aim to make sure that all of their pieces make their customers feel true to themselves within every wear. DONNI makes this possible by supporting the women that create their pieces, and by also making sure to donate to a new charity every season.

If you have fallen in #LOVE with DONNI as much as we have, make sure to check out their items on Souler here!