The Magnus Alpha Backpack (Guero) Photo

maliiboo: The Magnus Alpha Backpack (Guero)

Hey there! My name is Malika. I’m briefcase model #21 on the show Deal or No Deal, a full time model, and communications graduate from TCNJ!

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The Magnus Alpha Backpack (Guero)

Mar 25, 2020

Live life freely, the way it's supposed to be. An accessory made for legends, the POAI Backpack is the Magnus Alpha emblem for charting new courses and traveling the world. Crafted with careful consideration for all kinds of use, this tasteful bag is made of 100% calfskin Caviar leather and features signature Italian Braid Elastic straps, quilted leather on the back for comfort, as well as a custom inside liner of luxury microsuede. An excellent choice for the business traveler!

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maliiboo: The Magnus Alpha Backpack (Guero)

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