Pursoma provides the remedies, tools, and lifestyle pieces to unplug, unwind, and detox in order to truly live well in the modern world.

Our founder, Shannon Vaughn, personally suffered from anxiety throughout her life. After surviving an explosion while living in the Middle East, she dealt with a severe case of PTSD for years. Discovering meditation and cleansing baths rituals saved her life and lead her to create Pursoma with the mission to share the accessible solutions for transforming the body and mind with everyone.

Pursoma works with small family-run farms across the globe. All ingredients are 100% non-toxic, unprocessed, vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. Purveyors, farmers, and suppliers have all received above-market value compensation. We formulate, produce, and directly distribute all of our products. All production is closely regulated to ensure product purity in our facility based in the USA. We do this in order to provide consumers with traceable, identifiable, and transparent beauty wellness products that represent social responsibility and originate from natural sources for the ultimate consumer experience.


Return Policy: All UNOPENED items can be returned. Thank you! 

moonlit-ritual-4 moonlit-ritual-4
Moonlit Ritual pursoma
Pursoleil-Body-Oil-3 Pursoleil-Body-Oil-3
bath-soak-after-the-class-2 bath-soak-after-the-class-2
foot-soak-bain-de-pied-4 foot-soak-bain-de-pied-4
Bain de Pied™ pursoma
bath-soak-apres-savasana-1 bath-soak-apres-savasana-1
bath-soak-resurrection-1 bath-soak-resurrection-1
Resurrection™ Pursoma
hot-tub-3 hot-tub-3
Hot Tub™ pursoma